About: Zeke Camusio + Mind Hacks TV


Mind Hacks TV shows us how we can unlock 100% of our mind’s potential. 

Discover the hacks that help us make healthier choices, eliminate limiting beliefs, and become the best version of yourself. 


Zeke is a tech entrepreneur who has been involved in over a dozen startups in the last two decades.

In 2018, Zeke decided to cut back on his insane work schedule to spend more time with his first son and to pursue his passion full-time: studying how the human mind works to make better decisions, achieve more, and live a life of purpose.

Zeke has spent the past 15 years reading 500+ books and research papers on neuroscience, behavioral psychology and quantum physics.

He has interviewed experts working on the cutting-edge of brain science, and made it his personal mission to deconstruct the habits of top-performing athletes and entrepreneurs to understand the blueprint to their success.

Zeke has practiced several forms of meditation with some of the world’s most renowned teachers to observe, in his own experience, how the mind works, what tricks it plays on us, and how we can channel its potential to make better decisions, follow through with our commitments, and create productive habits that stick.

Zeke realized that there is an overwhelming amount of information on mind programming, and found most of it to be too technical or just plain confusing. Zeke’s goal with Mind Hacks is to demystify how the mind works, and to provide practical tips to create positive change in our lives.