The Dangers of “Copy & Paste”

I don’t like copying and pasting other people’s posts, no matter how much I agree with them. And this is why: when I write something, when I do my own posts, I go through a process first. I gather data from multiple sources, sort all that information in my brain and find a cohesive way to explain my conclusion. And through that process, I realize that I have blind spots that I need to feel with more information, more research.

When we copy and paste, we bypass that process. We’re sharing other people’s conclusions without fully understanding how they’ve reached them.

I’m not saying don’t copy and paste. It’s your life. Do whatever you want. But be aware that when you do that, you’re not taking the time to find those blind spots and fill in those gaps with new information. You’re not taking the time to consider alternative perspectives.

So it’s your life, do whatever you want, but I encourage you to form your own conclusions instead of sharing somebody else’s.