Master Your ATTENTION, Master Your MIND

Do you want to be more driven, positive and resilient? This video will show you the 3 principles of the mind, and teach you to channel your potential like never before.

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There’s no doubt that our mindset has a significant impact on our lives.

We want to be confident, not insecure.

We want to be relaxed, not stressed out.

We want to be resilient, not give up in the face of adversity.

But we’re human.

Sometimes we feel amazing, and sometimes we feel like crap.

When we feel good, we make good decisions that make us proud of ourselves.

When we feel like crap, we make bad decisions that make us feel even worse.

Today I’m going to show you a simple technique to get out of a funk quickly.

Welcome to Mind Hacks TV!

This is, “Master Your Attention. Master Your Mind.”

To master our minds, we need to master our attention.

Our attention is like a spotlight.

We can direct the light to any aspect of our experience:

a sound, a sight, a smell, a taste, a sensation, or a thought.

Let’s do that right now.

Direct your attention to the music in the background.

Now that you’re paying attention to it, you’re probably noticing more details.

You can probably identify the genre, the instruments, and the emotion the music conveys.

Now, shift your attention to your favorite ice cream.

Imagine you’re having some right now.

Now, don’t think about ice cream anymore.

Don’t think about how creamy and delicious it is, or how it slowly melts in your mouth.

You’re thinking about ice cream, aren’t you?

Don’t feel bad. I have good news for you. Without even realizing it, you just learned the three most important principles of how the mind works.

The first one is that we can’t make ourselves stop thinking about something. When we try to stop thinking about ice cream, we direct our attention to it. 

The same happens with our minds. We can’t overcome negative emotions by resisting them. When we fight with our emotions, we shine more light on them and they become stronger.

The second principle is this: to stop thinking about something, we need to shift our attention to something else. We can only direct our attention spotlight to one thing at a time. When I asked you to imagine your favorite ice cream, you stopped paying attention to the music.

This is why the best way to get out of a funk is by shifting our attention to what we appreciate in our lives. When we direct the spotlight to what we’re grateful for, we leave our frustrations in the dark to fade away.

The third principle is that when we shine our attention spotlight on something, we expand that part of our experience. When you paid attention to the music, you noticed new details about it. When I said the words “ice cream”, your mind turned those two simple words into a fully-blown experience that included flavors, smells and textures.

We don’t control our thoughts. They come to us, and not all thoughts are true. 

Let’s say that this thought comes to you: “I’m having a terrible week!”

You have two options. You can ignore it and shift your attention to the good things happening in your life this week. Or you can direct your attention to this thought. 

If you do that, that simple thought will develop into a story. You’ll come up with so many reasons why this week sucks and why next week will be no different. It’s so easy to go down the rabbit hole!

What did we learn today? To move past negative emotions, stop feeding them your attention. Don’t resist them. Instead, shift your attention to something positive. In the same way that paying attention to the music expanded that part of our experience, paying attention to something we appreciate in our lives conditions our mind to notice more things we’re grateful for.

Move your attention spotlight away from the things you don’t want, and direct it to what you want to attract into your life.