How to be MORE PRODUCTIVE at work

There are always more things I want to do than I have time for, so I try to be as efficient with my time as I can.

Today I’m going to show you some productivity tips to get more done in less time.

Let’s jump right into it!

Eliminate clutter

One of the keys to productivity is eliminating clutter. I’m a big fan of “inbox zero.” When I process my email, I make sure I leave my inbox empty.

Use shortcuts

When I start using a new tool, the first thing I do is learn its shortcuts. The less you touch your mouse, the faster you work.

In Gmail, hit Y to archive messages, ! to mark them as spam, R to reply, A to reply to all, F to forward, and C to compose a new message.

This isn’t a comprehensive list of shortcuts. Just Google the shortcuts for the apps you use most.

Use text snippets

I use text shortcuts on my Mac to save time typing stuff that I use often. “TY” is “thank you“, “EM” is my email address, and “WS” is my website.

If you’re on a PC, check out Text Expander.

Keep your notes organized

I use Evernote for all my notes. I have them organized by folders, and I created shortcuts so I can quickly access the ones I use most often.

I apply this principle to all my files and documents too. I keep them organized in folders and use the same naming convention for all my projects. This way, I always know where everything is.

And if I don’t, command + space bar on my Mac is the quickest way to navigate across applications and documents.

Use a project management tool

I use Asana to keep track of all my projects. I use it to collaborate with my teams, delegate tasks and set deadlines to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Block off time to work on important projects

Hopefully you already use Google Calendar or something similar. If I want to get something done, I need to put it in my calendar. Every Wednesday, I block a few hours to produce these videos.

I don’t like “to do” lists because they don’t take priorities into account. But when something is in my calendar, I know I’ll take care of it.

Eliminate distractions

When you block off time to do something, remove any distractions to make sure you actually do it.

I always have my social media notifications turned off, but on top of that, I set my phone on “do not disturb” and turn off my computer notifications too.

I use Facebook to message people and see the events they invite me to, but I don’t want to get sucked into scrolling my newsfeed every time I’m on it, so I installed the Facebook Newsfeed Eradicator Chrome extension to hide the newsfeed.

Use a booking tool

I hate going back-and-forth ten times to schedule meetings, so I use Calendly to schedule my meetings automatically. I set the times I’m available, and then all I have to do is send people my Calendly link to book meetings with me. This automatically creates calendar invites and enables videoconference lines through Zoom or Google Hangouts.

Use two screens

Every time we switch windows, we waste time. If we have more screen real estate, we can work faster.

When I edit video, I use three screens. But most of the time, two screens is enough, and I use my iPad Pro as a second screen.

Batch similar tasks together

I schedule all my meetings together, all my video editing together, all my data analytics work together.

That’s because meeting people requires a different mindset than analyzing data or editing video. The more we switch from mindset to mindset, the more time we waste.

I write four of these videos at a time. Then film all of them. Then edit all of them. This is significantly more efficient than going through that process four times.

So, there you go: My top 10 productivity hacks.